Lou Cadorette, C.P.A, MST

Business and tax consulting for closely held businesses and individuals. Federal and state tax preparation services to include e-filing for corporations, partnerships and individuals. Representation before the internal revenue service and state taxing authorities reagrding income tax issues, payroll, and sales and use taxes. Specializing in small startup companies to include choice of entity, business compliance, and initial business/license filings.

Services are not provided to the general public. A referral is needed to schedule an appointment. I generally do not offer my services to non-clients.

Services provided:

Tax preparation services:  Preparation of Federal and State income tax returns for Individuals, Partnerships, and Corporations. This includes consultation(s) regarding each entities individual tax issues.

All returns are electronically filed with the various taxing authorities, unless specifically requested not to
Business consulting: I consult on various business issues from start-up issues, choice of business entity, compliance with Secretary of State, bookkeeping, record retention, etc.

Internal Revenue/Department of Revenue (Commonwealth) income tax resolutions.  Consulting and representation before the various taxing authorities in regards to outstanding and/or disputed tax liabilities.  Assistance in resolving tax issues and getting taxpayers into an installment agreement . Results vary depending on individual tax situations.